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Electronic information industry includes:

Guangdong Province Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd.;

Guangzhou Guangsheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd.;

Guangzhou Microelectronics Ltd.


The total assets of GRAM’s electronic information industry owned 94 million RMB. The main products and services contains: Transistor, Li-ion battery, Communication circuit chip, Service of audio decoding technology, research and development of new products for others, computer software design, rental of telecommunication equipment etc. GRAM has a number of provincial-level technology center and provincial-level key projects center.


Outstanding Technical Projects:

Multi-channel digital audio codec technology project has significant innovative strengths which are own intellectual property rights, identified as the only candidate of national standard audio codecs, and passed technical appraisal at the provincial level and declaring for the National Institute of Standards. The project has greater significance to protect China's digital TV industry, and to promote development of related industries.


10Gbps high-speed fiber-optic communications chip and mobile communications chip have successfully become the key breakthrough projects of Guangdong in 2003. GRAM increases the intensity of market promotion product and speeds up the industrialization process. GRAM’s operating companies have become several well-known domestic telecommunications Manufacturers product providers. "Yuejing" brand surface mount transistor electrical parameters and the quality have reached the international advanced level of similar products. “Huayuebao” Li-ion battery, Guangsheng chip, audio decoding technology are expected to fill the domestic market gaps.